You Are A Doer. A Problem Solver. A Leader.

When you join others like you in our community, there is no limit to the change you can create!

Pillars Society of Will County

Pil·lar: a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something.

Founded in 1997 to give Will County leaders the opportunity to greatly impact their community, the Pillars Society had 107 members in its first year.

Today, Pillar members improve the quality of life throughout Will County by way of their generosity.

The Pillars Society is a community of like-minded individuals who believe that together we can empower people and create positive, sustainable change by uniting our communities and resources. Members invest more than $1,000 each year for self sufficiency, health, safety, and education.

Specifically, the United Way of Will County Pillars Society aims to:
Create community impact through philanthropic leadership by focusing on: the success of our youth, the health of our neighbors, the safety of our communities, and the self-sufficiency of every person in Will County.

  • Promote personal philanthropy to immediately improve our community through collective action.
  • Cultivate a network of like-minded individuals to strengthen philanthropic impact for community-wide and long-lasting systematic change.
  • Recognize donors for philanthropic leadership in the Will County community.


Pillar Statuses:
$10,000 and above – Tocqueville Society
$7,500-$9,999 – Platinum Pillar
$5,000-$7,499 – Gold Pillar
$2,500-$4,999 – Silver Pillar
$1,000-$2,499 – Bronze Pillar

Effective July of 2018: Should you choose to designate a portion of your gift, a minimum of $1,000 must be an undesignated gift directly to United Way of Will County. Undesignated donations are donations for United Way of Will County, not another United Way, agency, or funded community partner.

Pillars Society offers:

  • Engagement with leaders shaping our community
  • Volunteer activities
  • Exclusive reception thanking you for your pillar-level donation
  • Upon request, a pillars token of appreciation will be given *Limited time only*

For more information about the Pillars Reception contact:

Sarah Oprzedek,
Vice President of Operations & Development
at 815.723.2500 ext. 107

Give a leadership gift today

Be a source of support to your community as a member of the Pillars Society of Will County. Become a part of the Pillar’s Society today through a one time donation, payroll deduction or monthly gifts.

Sarah Oprzedek,
Vice President of Operations & Development
at 815.723.2500 ext. 107

I gave a leadership gift through my company. Do you know about it?

There’s a chance we don’t know about your gift or your information hasn’t reached us yet from your organization. To be on the safe side, you can fill out your information so we can be sure to invite you to our Pillar events.

Please self-identify annually to ensure we can properly thank you for your gift.

Self-Identify as a Pillar