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Since 1936, United Way of Will County has been leading partnerships to unite Will County communities and resources to empower people and create positive, sustainable change.

Now, we focus our partnerships within our four impact areas:

Self Sufficiency

Will County residents will have the opportunity to move toward economic self-sufficiency and independence.

Safer Communities

Will County residents experiencing trauma, crisis, and abuse will have the skills, resources, and interventions necessary to be safe in our community.

Healthy Lifestyles

Will County residents will have access to the resources necessary for optimal personal health.

Youth Success

Will County children will become socially responsible, independent, and productive adults.


  • Consistent and reliable funding throughout the awarded year
  • Connections to collaborate and/or create joint service projects with other local companies and other nonprofits. These include those that agencies may not have been able to connect with or were unaware of prior to partnering with United Way of Will County.
  • Added level of credibility due to being a United Way of Will County vetted and approved nonprofit
  • Wider reach and audience accessibility which provides the ability to service more Will County residents
  • Exposure at United Way of Will County events and on many marketing and promotional materials
  • Membership to Agencies United, an exclusive engagement opportunity for those funded by the United Way of Will County, where discussions occur and collaborations can be formed.

Applying for Funding

To become a funded community partner, apply for funding. Funding is decided by our Impact and Investment Council.

Each year, 501(c)3 nonprofits in Will County become eligible to apply for program funding for the following United Way of Will County fiscal year. Programs must be in existence for at least one year prior to applying for funding. Programs must be tied to our impact categories.

Nonprofits must apply for funding, attend an orientation, allow for a site visit from Impact and Investment Council members and present their program(s) to the Impact and Investment Council during an application presentation.


We are currently not excepting new funded partners at this time. 

The Application Process

  • Pre-Qualify to Apply: July to December
    Contact Loren Yaksich at 815.723.2500 ext. 108
  • Orientation: January
  • Available: mid-January to mid-February
  • Deadline: TBD for FY19
  • Site Visits: Scheduled on an individual basis
  • Impact and Investment Presentation: April-May
  • Funding Notification: June

Selected Funded Community Partners:

  • Partnership agreement: July
  • Fund allocation begin: July

Have questions on the process? Contact Loren Yaksich at 815.723.2500 ext. 108

Funding Eligibility

The following are not eligible for United Way of Will County funding:

• Conferences or Exhibitions
• Debt Reduction
• Endowment Campaigns
• Fundraisers or Events
• Holiday Specific Programs
• Incomplete Applications
• Individuals
• Political Campaigns
• Religious activity – including programs that require belief or practice in order to receive services
• Tuition Aide

Have questions? Contact Loren Yaksich at 815.723.2500 ext. 108

Community Solutions

Does your nonprofit see an unmet community need? Are you interested in creating a collaboration to get the need met?
Read about our other Community Solutions.

Contact Loren Yaksich at  815.723.2500 ext. 108 for more information.

How Can We Help You?

Seek our guidance on new initiatives and collaborations.

Need a letter of reference or accreditation? Need capacity building or fiscal operations? We can help you to carry out your mission more effectively by becoming your fiscal agent.

All assistance is subject to review.