What We Do

United Way of Will County leads collaborations and partnerships within an extensive network of individuals, funded partners, and corporate affiliates to fight for the self-sufficiency, health, safety, and education of every person in Will County.

The Change in United Way of Will County:

Community Impact & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Community Impact Definition:

To look at needs beyond just the services offered by a single program, and integrate services to provide a full spectrum of personal and social solutions. It is a comprehensive approach to social services and how they impact individuals, families and communities.

How We Do It:

  1. We develop and implement programs and services to fill service gaps and local needs.
  2. We develop comprehensive community solutions by working across community and organizational boundaries to partner with businesses, municipalities, organizations, and nonprofits.
  3. We invest financial resources into local programs that support identified community impact goals.
    All of our Funded Community Partners are vetted by our Impact and Investment Council, must fall within one of our four identified impact areas, and meet ourĀ  funding guidelines.

Corporate Social Responsibility Definition:

A business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. It is a comprehensive approach to business operations and how it impacts individuals, families, and communities.

How We Do It:

Our partnership with the business community has evolved. The focus is no longer on how can you help us reach our campaign goal, but on how we can help you reach your corporate social responsibility goals.

Through higher level partnerships and year long engagement, we now focus on engaging you, your business, and your employees in our community impact agenda to help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Our Work Aligns with Will County Community Needs


Poverty Rate in Will County


Child Poverty rate in Will County

Partnering with United Way of Will County helps our community achieve community impact in self-sufficiency, health, safety, and education in Will County by overcoming organizational and community boundaries.

United Way of Will County’s Focus Areas

Programs and Services We Offer


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