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By partnering with United Way of Will County, you are supporting programs and services that address the county’s most critical needs.

When the needs change, our partnership doesn’t have to. Together, we will continue to work as one community toward positive, sustainable change

Our partnership with the business community has evolved.

The emphasis is no longer on fundraising an arbitrary dollar amount, but on creating long lasting partnerships across organizational boundaries throughout our community. This is where you, your business, your employees, and corporate social responsibility come in. Together, we will help you reach your CSR goals, strengthen our community, and better your business.


Through Corporate Social Responsibility,
You Can Build Your…


Engaging your current and prospective employees in a community partnership strengthens talent retention, boosts morale, and provides staff development opportunities.


Community involvement helps your business and brand reach a broader audience. Through a partnership with United Way of Will County, you can strengthen the community that supports your business. Your customers and clients likely receive support from our programs and services – supporting them, supports your business.


Community focus strengthens you as an industry and community leader with stakeholders, employees, and customers.


Play your part in creating community impact by working with us on our identified Will County needs: Self Sufficiency, Healthy Lifestyles, Youth Success, and Safer Communities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Definition:

A business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders regardless of business size. It is a comprehensive approach to business operations and how it impacts individuals, families, and communities.

Corporate Resources

Looking for United Way materials? Visit our Corporate Resources section for fliers, client stories, posters and more .

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership with United Way of Will County

United Way of Will County can collaborate with your company through a variety of opportunities:
Each plan is interactive and customized to your business’ goals and objectives internally and in the community.

Customized Volunteer Opportunities Available Year Round

  1. Volunteer projects can be customized to match your employees interests to the needs in our community.
  2. Onsite kit-packing opportunities are available with United Way of Will County’s Hygiene for Humanity and Diaper Depot.
  3. Drive-styled opportunities are also available for a variety of other needs.
  4. Other opportunities

Encourage volunteerism in your employees by offering a financial contribution* tied to volunteer service.

Our Online Volunteer Center

Encourage your employees to volunteer as a team, individual, or family through our online volunteer center.

Employee Giving Campaign

A United Way of Will County campaign brings together corporate and personal philanthropy in order to benefit the local community.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility plan, a campaign is now one of many means to achieve community impact and reach your CSR goals. Following the customized style of our CSR Partnerships, we offer personalized and attentive educational components to accentuate your giving campaign.

See our Corporate Resources Page for more information organizing an employee giving campaign.

Lunch and Learn

These sessions focus on providing a deeper look at Community Impact, Corporate Social Responsibility, United Way of Will County, and the Will County community.

Topic Examples include:

  • Community Needs
  • Community Impact & Our Focus Areas
  • Healthy Employees are Productive Employees: FamilyWize Prescription Savings
  • Online Volunteer Center
  • Women United
  • Get Involved
  • Leaving Your Legacy Through Individual and Corporate Volunteerism*
  • United Way in a New Era of Philanthropy

Other topics can be requested to fit the specific interests of your Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

Business Gift*

We invite you to increase your impact by giving a financial or in-kind gift to United Way of Will County.

Encourage volunteerism in your employees by offering a financial contribution tied to volunteer service.

Corporate Sponsorships*

With our wide network, the reach and recognition potential with a sponsorship is significant. Various sponsorship levels and types are available.

Event Sponsorship options include:

  • Annual Golf Outing
  • Spirit of Giving Event
  • Little Black Dress Soiree

Program Sponsorships available:

  • Online Volunteer Center
  • Women United
  • Read to Succeed
  • Diaper Depot
  • Hygiene for Humanity

Unique opportunities are available spontaneously. Please join our sponsorship email list to be updated when these opportunities become available.

Marketing, Public Relations, and Communication Templates

  1. We can provide you with templates that offer customization. These include flyers, emails, and other materials to promote your partnership with United Way of Will County.
  2. We can provide you with template social media posts and press releases to share your partnership with United Way of Will County with the community.

These will be complete with statistics, stories, accomplishments, and photos. Statistics are gathered biannually and new data is available between August and September.

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Impact and Investment Council

Nominate an employee to represent your company on our I&I Council. Council members help us identify key partners for creating change within our identified impact areas.

Coming Your Way Email Communications

Sign up for our email communication and share the sign up link with your employees to keep them up to date on United Way of Will County.

Use of United Way Brand

With a large network of community, corporate, and non-profit partners, an association to the United Way of Will County brand will demonstrate the impact your business has on the community.

Optional Live United Store for Promotional Usage*

Access the Live United Store here.

*Please note: A budget may be required for some projects.

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