Find out how you can save an average of 43% with your FREE SingleCare Prescription Savings Card.

By using the free SingleCare card and showing it at a participating pharmacy, you can get the lowest price on your prescriptions – SingleCare price, insurance price or pharmacy price.

The SingleCare Prescription Savings Card: 

  • Is free for everyone – both insured and uninsured
  • Covers all FDA approved prescription medications
  • Is easy to use with no registration, activation or restrictions due to preexisting conditions
  • Has unlimited use- show it every time you fill a prescription

This free SingleCare prescription drug discount card saves an average of 43% or more on the cost of prescription drugs.

Scenarios when this card may help:

  • Individuals with no insurance
  • Those who are under-insured
  • Those with high-deductible insurance plans
  • For medicine not covered by an insurance plan or Medicare.
  • NOTE: this card may not be used in addition to any existing insurance plans – no “double-dipping.”

SingleCare is MORE than a Direct Service
SingleCare can SUPPORT your Business or Organization by:

  1. Enhancing existing services at Community Partners, or
  2. Enhancing Employee Benefit Packages or Employee Assistance Programs at your place of business!

Contact United Way of Will County today to get started with your complimentary starter kit and supply of SingleCare Cards

SingleCare Works Like This:

SingleCare negotiates a discounted price for medications.

United Ways across the nation distribute the SingleCare Savings Card at no cost.

You receive the lowest possible price for your prescription every time.

Everyone Can Use It

SingleCare card can also help your friends, family, and co-workers save on their prescriptions. Share the card to help everyone save.

There are no fees or eligibility requirements. This program can be used by those who are uninsured, under-insured, and insured.

Accepted in thousands of chain and independent pharmacies nationwide, including Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid,  Walmart and many more pharmacies near you.

United Way of Will County is proud to partner with SingleCare to help our community afford much-needed medications.

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This card is provided free of charge as a community service by the United Way of Will County and the SingleCare Partnership. United Way of Will County offers SingleCare prescription drug discount cards to uninsured and under-insured individuals and families in the Will County area.