Hygiene for Humanity

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Hygiene for Humanity is a product supply drive to fulfill the need for hygiene items by local families and individuals that are homeless or in need. This program gives people a clean start by providing items that are unfulfilled by SNAP and WIC.

Kits Supply List*

  • Shampoo
  • Bars of soap
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • Deodorant

Not in kits, but “take as needed” style:

  • Chapstick
  • Razors and Shaving Cream
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Shower Towels

All items go into a gallon sized zip-lock bag
*Full sized products only

Family Support Days

Joliet – Crete  – Bolingbrook
Learn more about family support days.

Stage 1

Solicit, collect, and distribute hygiene supply kits for Will County Family Support Days.

Stage 2

Continually supply Will County Schools with hygiene kits for their McKinney-Vento Liaison and School Social Workers to have on hand for children in need.

Stage 3

Stock other non-profits with Hygiene for Humanity Kits for their clients or distribute at a mobile food pantry.

Host Hygiene for Humanity Drive and Kit Pack!

You, your friends, your family, or your office would collect the needed hygiene items and then have a packing party. However many kits you would like to pack is how many items you need to collect.

United Way of Will County is here to help with logistics!
Contact a team member for more information.

Step by Step: Hosting Your Hygiene for Humanity Drive and Kit Pack
  1. Get your marketing materials!
    1. Complete with flyers, social media posts, template emails, and much more, our marketing materials will provide you with everything you need to get Hygiene for Humanity up and running!
    2. Download the Hygiene for Humanity Template Flyer here.
    3. Contact a team member for more information on how to receive template Hygiene for Humanity marketing materials.
  2. Set your collection goal! Don’t forget these are full sized items only!
    1. 25 Kits:
      – 25 Gallon Sized Bags
      – 25 Shampoos
      – 25 Bars of soap
      – 25 Toothbrushes and Toothpastes
      – 25 Deodorants
    2. 100 Kits:
      – 100 Gallon Sized Bags
      – 100 Shampoos
      – 100 Bars of soap
      – 100 Toothbrushes and Toothpastes
      – 100 Deodorants
      Don’t forget these are full sized items only!
  3. Advertise your collection site and optional packing event!
    1. Personally ask your friends, family, and coworkers to join in!
    2. Social Media:
      – Share Hygiene for Humanity marketing materials and tag United Way of Will County
      – Facebook & Instagram United Way of Will County @uwwill
      – Encourage your friends, family, and office to share these posts as well!
    3. Use our template email to invite people to help out!
    4. Share Hygiene for Humanity flyers at your collection site, office, library, favorite restaurants, gym, and many more!
  4. Pack your kits!
    1. Remember, each kit needs one of each item!
    2. Typically, assembly line packing works best to ensure that each item is in each kit. Please work with your packing location to determine the best arrangement.
  5. Once items are packed into kits, there are a few options as to where to gift the kits.
    1. Support a community needs event as identified by United Way of Will County.
    2. Stock Will County schools so when social workers identify a need, they can immediately supply the family with a Hygiene for Humanity Kit.
    3. Stock other non-profits with Hygiene for Humanity Kits for their clients.
    4. Distribute at a mobile food pantry.